Eye Care: What You Need to “See” From Your Optometrist

Eye Test For KidsSince we were kids, we have been told to take care of our eyes and have a regular visit to our optometrist to be sure that our eyes are in good working condition. Diseases and other general ageing factors can cause eye problems that would creep up on you, but with the help of an eye doctor, you would be able to catch them in time before they cause you serious troubles.

Optometry is a kind of highly specialized medical field and the practitioners need to be highly knowledgeable and skilled about this industry. In order to be a successful optometrist, one should have specific qualities. These qualities are what patients would be looking for before putting their trust on the doctor. Having the qualities listed below would mean being capable of providing quality care and services to patients. Continue reading


The PRM System Advantage

The Patient Relationship Management (PRM) system from solution reach eyecare is great for helping private practices reach out to their patients. These modern software tools not only improve the way by which physicians could care for their patients; it also keeps them organized and acts as a marketing instrument as well.

PRM systems have been in demand because modern healthcare itself is changing. Although advancements in technology and medicine paved the way to longer lifespans and better living conditions; people still require much attention even after leaving the clinic or hospital

Real treatment doesn’t, and shouldn’t, stop at the establishment. In fact, it begins even before meeting a physician face to face. PRM’s provide and avenue to easily attend to people – no matter where they are – thus improving doctor-patient relations. Continue reading

Marketing Tips for Optometry Practice

Optometrist With Her Patient

Administrators and managing physicians often think that marketing is designed for attracting new patients only. However, this is not the case because attracting new patients is just a tip of the purpose for hiring a marketing consultant. The truth is any activity that will move your practice in a desired direction falls under marketing.

Optometry practices are highly competitive. That means you need to stay unique and hold a compelling position in the marketplace. You have to go beyond what other optometrists can offer. Patients must associate you with excellent service with a touch of emotional satisfaction. You should be able to engage with them so that whenever they need an eye care, you are the first to come into their mind.

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