Eye Care: What You Need to “See” From Your Optometrist

Eye Test For KidsSince we were kids, we have been told to take care of our eyes and have a regular visit to our optometrist to be sure that our eyes are in good working condition. Diseases and other general ageing factors can cause eye problems that would creep up on you, but with the help of an eye doctor, you would be able to catch them in time before they cause you serious troubles.

Optometry is a kind of highly specialized medical field and the practitioners need to be highly knowledgeable and skilled about this industry. In order to be a successful optometrist, one should have specific qualities. These qualities are what patients would be looking for before putting their trust on the doctor. Having the qualities listed below would mean being capable of providing quality care and services to patients.

Top 10 Qualities of Optometrist

  1. Interest to keep up with the current trend in the industry.

    A good optometrist always stays up to-date with the different scientific researches and technological advancements that are related to the industry of eye care. He also needs to pursue continuing education opportunities.

  2. Accuracy and attentiveness.

    A good optometrist is someone who pays close attention to details. At the same time, he strives for accuracy in all aspects of the job, especially that every mistake, whether serious or minor may cause severe consequences in a patient’s sight.

  3. Awareness of Health and Safety Regulations.

    When looking for an optometrist, make sure that he is aware of the Health and Safety Regulations pertaining to the office and patients. At the same time, they need to keep all the facilities clean and needs to be mindful of germs and hazards.

  4. Good Organizational and Business skills.

    Your optometrist needs to have an excellent organizational and business skills and could keep the office running smoothly. There are many optometrists who work independently and are responsible for finances and other aspects of the business.

  5. Ethics.

    Strong ethics is important and the optometrist should never compromise the visual well-being of the patient.

  6. Compassion.

    A good optometrist, aside from showing concern to the patient needs to be compassionate and can empathize with their ailments and difficulties with vision.

  7. Scientific Aptitude.

    Patient CommunicationIt would be beneficial when your optometrist has a high scientific aptitude and can understand, as well as remembering a significant amount of information about the eyes, the treatments, and the human body in general.

  8. Manual Dexterity.

    A solid manual dexterity is necessary. Your optometrist should be able to perform the intricate motions that are necessary when treating such a small body part.

  9. Time for Patients.

    An exceptional optometrist is someone who spends an adequate amount of time with his patients and never rushes the patient through an exam.

  10. Strong Communication Skills.

    A great optometrist should possess an excellent communication skills and should be capable of establishing a connection with his patients. Given such, he would be able to explain the problems clearly, as well as the treatment in layman’s term.

A good relationship between doctor and patient is necessary to maximize care and quality service. It also makes the patient feel more comfortable and trust his optometrist better knowing that he possesses great qualities.


[Photo Credits: By Stanton Optical Fair Oaks, CA and Eisner Optometrists via Flickr]


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