The PRM System Advantage

The Patient Relationship Management (PRM) system from solution reach eyecare is great for helping private practices reach out to their patients. These modern software tools not only improve the way by which physicians could care for their patients; it also keeps them organized and acts as a marketing instrument as well.

PRM systems have been in demand because modern healthcare itself is changing. Although advancements in technology and medicine paved the way to longer lifespans and better living conditions; people still require much attention even after leaving the clinic or hospital

Real treatment doesn’t, and shouldn’t, stop at the establishment. In fact, it begins even before meeting a physician face to face. PRM’s provide and avenue to easily attend to people – no matter where they are – thus improving doctor-patient relations.

Young Medical Professional Checking the Eyes of Young Boy

Why It’s Important?

Looking through different common scenarios might shed light as to why PRM’s have become vital in many health organizations:

Scenario One: A patient has been discharged after glaucoma surgery. She is advised to rest for a couple of days before returning to the clinic for a follow-up. Although she has already written the appointment in her calendar, she has forgotten about it and was not able to pay a visit. She had to call again and wait for a few more days before she could be entertained.

**With a PRM system, the patient would have been informed conveniently through voice calls, e-mails, or an SMS regarding her scheduled appointment. It’s understandable that folks often forget important dates; but this situation is preventable with the help of a PRM.

Scenario Two: An old couple has not visited their optometrist for a long while. Right after the Holidays, the man notices that his vision has become extremely clouded. His wife had forgotten where their medical records are; nor does she have any information about local eye care centers in their area. She calls for an appointment at a different clinic – although her husband already has medical records from another eye center.

**Many PRM systems are highly customizable to the needs of various medical practices. Their features include being able to send birthday or holiday greetings, and newsletters. The reason why people often go to someone else is because there was no more interaction from the previous healthcare establishment. It’s important to always feel connected in order to retain patient loyalty and satisfaction.

Scenario Three: A young student receives laser eye treatment for her astigmatism. It was a success and she goes home with a few pamphlets for daily eye care. However, since she’s busy with school, she doesn’t have time to routinely call her ophthalmologist for any questions regarding her new vision changes.

**PRM’s allow medical professionals to offer online information and recommendations to their patients. These can easily be read or downloaded for handy applications. Customized surveys ensure that they can make suggestions to their doctors.

Through the assistance of Patient Relationship Management systems, both patients and medical workers can benefit from a comforting long-term partnership.


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